About the blogger

A big hello to foodies of the world! I am Sanghamitra Mazumdar, a senior desk hand with a leading daily in New Delhi — the capital of India. Well, can’t say I am stuck in a 9 to 5 job, because my 8-hour shift starts only at 4.30 pm, but I do want to do things other than editing, rewriting and page making. Hence, blogging, though I am quite lazy about it.

That’s me, polishing off my ‘Shaadh’ platter. Somewhat like a babyshower. A ‘Shaadh’ (meaning desire) takes place in the fifth, seventh and ninth months of pregnancy. While some women are lucky to have it all three times, I had it only once. In olden days when maternal mortality rate was very high in India, this was something the pregnant woman’s family did to show they cared, cooking for her all things she would like (desire) to have one last time. With institutional deliveries picking up, the situation has improved but the tradition of the ritual continues. My mother had cooked rice, dal (pulses), a fish curry, bhaja (five fried vegetables), a cauliflower curry, a dry mocha (banana flower) curry, mutton curry, tomato chutney and payesh (kheer/Indian milk pudding). Besides, there were sweets, fruits and curd. Yummmm….

I call myself a an emotional professional who quietly sheds tears when her hard work is not rewarded.  I am a reluctant homemaker and a non-traditional wife whose husband would have loved her more if she were more organised at home;  a new mother, juggling home and office and longing to be appreciated at both places; and a wannabe author who has at least 10 unfinished maiden ventures tucked away somewhere on her laptop and desktop computers.

And yes, I cook. I cook when I am happy, I cook when I am depressed, I cook when I want to share, I cook when I brood, I cook when I just want to switch off…

I am here to share my experiences and experiments — the successes, and also the failures. Here is an open invite to join me in my gastronomical journey.

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